EZY Rental Group – Privacy Policy

  1. EZY Rental Equipment Pty Ltd and Ezy Rental Aus Pty Ltd (Ezy Rental) collects, holds and discloses personal information reasonably necessary for the purpose of operating its equipment rental businesses.
  2. EZY Rental does not collect or hold sensitive information as defined in the Australian Privacy Principles.
  3. The information collected includes personal and financial details of its customers, suppliers and their related entities.
  4. Information is collected upon commencing dealings with customers and other stakeholders, ordinarily via paper or electronic forms. Persons who provide information to Ezy Rental are encouraged to provide updated personal information to ensure that the quality of the information held by Ezy Rental.
  5. Ezy Rental does not, in the ordinary course of its business, disclose personal information to overseas recipients. It cannot, however, warrant or control whether third parties to whom Ezy Rental discloses information (such as financial institutions, credit reporting agencies, regulators or the like) disclose information to overseas recipients.
  6. The information is collected for the purpose of providing goods and services; receiving and making payments; enforcing Ezy Rental’s legal rights; assessing customers’ and guarantors’ financial positions’ and communicating with customers, suppliers, financial institutions, regulators, credit reporting agencies and other stakeholders to the extent necessary in the course of operating Ezy Rental’s businesses.
  7. Ezy Rental holds information in electronic and hard copy forms and uses reasonable endeavours to maintain the security of the information and the privacy of those to whom it relates.
  8. Where Ezy Rental holds personal information about a person, that person may (subject to meeting reasonable identification requirements) access, request a copy of, update or correct such information upon written request and reasonable notice to Ezy Rental.
  9. Ezy Rental may give to and seek from financial institutions, credit reporting agencies, or any personal credit and/or consumer credit information providers (the Sources) information in relation to customers’ and guarantors’ personal and/or commercial creditworthiness to enable Ezy Rental to assess whether to enter into agreements with customers and/or create trade accounts with them. Ezy Rental may obtain from the Sources, and authorises the Sources to provide, a credit report containing personal information in relation to the customer or guarantor and/or any information concerning the personal and/or commercial creditworthiness or commercial activities of the customer including, but not limited to, credit standing, credit history, credit capacity or any other information which may be provided under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). The Renter authorises Ezy Rental to disclose any information in its possession concerning the Renter’s commercial creditworthiness or commercial activities to the Sources.
  10. Any person communicating with Ezy Rental may, to the extent to which it is practical to do so, remain anonymous, however Ezy Rental is unable to enter into agreements, provide services or disclose personal information to a person who does not provide required information, including personal information reasonably requested by Ezy Rental.
  11. Any person who holds any query, concern or complaint regarding EZY Rental’s collection, retention, use or disclosure of personal information or compliance with the Australian Privacy Principles is invited to contact EZY Rental or make a complaint to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner. Ezy Rental will respond to a complaint within a reasonable period of time when provided with sufficient information to do so.


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